Cannon Safe: Diving Deep Into It

To keep your gun and its accessories safe in a lock such that it can’t be used by the kids in your home or remains unaffected by any burglar’s attack or fire incidents, you need a durable safe of the highest quality. Cannon safes are the best gun safes available in the market to provide such a high-security level for storing your gun and its accessories. These gun safes are made in Mexico. You can easily buy cannon safe from any of the online websites selling them globally. You will come to know different types of it further below.

Different Types Of Cannon Safe

Cannon safes come under the five important series, which are

  • Traditional cannon safe series- These types of cannon safes possess a rounded body. The body of these safes is of high rigidity and strength due to its rounded edges. The shelving is oak-faced and plush upholstery in the interior of this safe. To buy cannon safe, this is considered the best quality safe for protecting it from fire. Upto temperatures of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, the accessories kept inside can be secured until 90 minutes after an attack. Multiple re-lockers are present in it with a Type 1 electronic lock.
  • Patriot cannon safe series- With a Patriot logo present in this lock series’s front body, it is equipped with a fire-resistant quality of up to half an hour for a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The 1 inches locking bolts, 12 gauge of the body, and one inch of a composite door are included. Compared to other cannon-safe series, it is affordable for purchasing.
  • Cannon series- The grade 2 lock is present in it with a dial that is key locking. On the door of it, the cannon logo is present in a silk texture.

Besides cannon as mentioned above, you can get other cannon safe series like safari and American eagle series for your cannon safes.