Definition of Safety management and Occupational health system  

Health & and Safety-Management-System (HSMS) is also recognized as an Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OHSMS). They are processes or system used by an organization or an institute to run OH&S. For instance; iso 45001 migration is an organization that recommends every business to have risk management and hazard identification as described below:

  • WHY – Sets the perspective and explain the reasons process are essential in an organization.
  • WHO – Stipulates the job roles within an organization and responsibilities under the procedure.
  • WHEN – Offer the guidance in the process scope like when and how does it apply.
  • How – Describes how the process of the objective is achieved like the techniques used to discover the hazards.ISO certifitate

Who, When, Why and how to process 

Who, How, Why and When are process usually vary from an organization to others depending on what’s best for a particular business. A procedure that works for a prominent construction company may not apply of developing surveying business.

Components of OHSMS 

The OHSMS organization is made up of components which are core components that every business should control. These components include risk management and hazard identification, communication and consultation, emergency, compliance, emergency management and much more. Other sectors that might be part of OHSMS organization based on the kind of work undertaken include Confined Space, Land Transport, Excavations and Operating at heights.


The OHSMS is documented for a process of agreement that is also auditable. The first step is writing the agreed processes down on the paper. The next step is the implementation of the procedure within the business and the implementation that involves training. Lastly consists of the reviewing of how the system like iso 45001 migration is operating.