Everything you need to know about sports massage

Sports massage is specifically designed to treat any kind of injuries. It is more useful for the one who do regular exercise and also helps with healing after the sports injury. This type of massage is not related to relaxation as it works by stretching tight muscles, improve the condition of soft tissue and stimulates the inactive muscles. During exercise, tension and stress build up in the soft tissues and the sports massage austin helps to reduce it.

Before the session starts, the therapist will talk to you and will get full history about the injury. If you are an athlete, then the therapist knows how to treat them. The therapist will have good communication with you to make you feel comfortable. The sports massage austin is used for the following purposes:

  • To improve performance
  • To Increase endurance
  • To reduce the chance of injury
  • To reduce recovery time after an injury

sports massage

While in sports massage you will be given complete instructions about the massage and how it pains. You will request move around according to the massages, and you need to continually communicate with the therapist. Communication is very important as you might feel some discomfort during sports massage. If you can’t bear the pain, then tell the therapist immediately. Some of the techniques used in sports massages include:

Soft-tissue release: Lock and stretch the muscles

Neuromuscular technique:It is used to target the points in the nervous system

Positional technique: Hyperactive muscles get relaxed.