Part-time cleaning job to earn some extra money

There is no shortage of reliable cleaning services in London. But before you consider starting a cleaning business, you need to decide what kind of cleaning services you will offer in London. Do a lot of research on all aspects of the cleaning services business, for example, insurance, taxes and employees. Here are some things to keep in mind before starting a part-time cleaning job.

Your first clients

The first question your clients will ask you is how much experience you have in the cleaning business. They can request references and comments from previous clients. It is always better not to lie to them. Customers must be considered next to God.

Call your friends and colleagues to get started

part time cleaning service

You can contact your friends, family or acquaintances to request a discounted or part time cleaning service, to get good comments and publicity. Ask them to leave testimonials on your site, which serve as good advertisements for potential future clients.

Choose the right cleaning service

Some commercial cleaning services are required after work hours or on weekends, when employees are not there. Residential cleaning generally takes place during daylight hours, especially on weekends when residents are free. Choose the type of residential service that is appropriate to the circumstances of your job or your family.

Get a valid license and insurance for London cleaning services.

If you want to add credibility to your website, be a licensed cleaner. You can apply for a business license and talk to insurance companies about the procedures for obtaining insurance coverage. You can hire and cover employees with your insurance.