Types of heavy duty slide rails and bearings for closest drawers

Drawer wardrobe storage systems that were once considered luxury have become mainstream. Modern Open Floor Plans For limited storage possibilities and the need to maximize space in tight rental and resale markets, cabinets with integrated drawers are increasingly popular. A cabinet drawer with such a well-designed storage system is a required feature in all homes and is required in some real estate markets. here are some types of heavy duty slide rails and bearings for the closest drawers

Center Mounting Rail: The center mounting rail contains wood or metal rail that mounts under the center of the drawer. These drawers slide on rollers to fit the center rail or are nested on more traditional wooden rails and stay aligned as the drawers slide in and out. This type of drawer slide only has one drawer slide rail for each, so it is relatively stable, easy to install, and economical. However, the downside to this is that if you try to open the drawer wide, the drawer box will accidentally pop out of the hole in the drawer.

European / Epoxy Style Slide: The European style slide is cheap, simple to install, and the rated load is moderate. This slide requires two slides in each drawer. Each slide contains two parts. Epoxy resin-coated metal slides are installed on either side of the bottom of the drawer and directly inside the closet/cabinet. They are using a combined roller (usually nylon) with convex and concave metal parts to guide the movement of the drawer box.

Floor-mounted ball bearings: Most woodworkers believe that floor-mounted drawer slides are the ideal drawer slides. Even with the drawer open, this type of slide is rarely visible. The slides are placed under the drawer rather than on the side, so the fully extendable drawer can be the largest. Ball-bearing slides are heavy duty slide rails to operate smoothly and reliably and can be used in heavy-duty applications. This sliding cover, soft close technology can be used.